heart-mainThe competition colors} is simply round the corner and as each colour has completely different hues, Holi has its own hues. Amidst enjoyment, we tend to solely examine the positive facet of the competition and ignore the negative one. Like different festivals, Holi too has been commercialised by varied artificial color producing firms. These firms turn out Holi colors that square measure very harmful for our health and setting.

Holi colours contain venturous ingredients like lead chemical compound, mercury compound, aluminum bromide, cupric sulphate, Prussian blue, and lots of additional. Such harmful contents in Holi colors will cause several health connected issues as well as skin rashes, eye allergies, temporary sightlessness, and so on. this text can assist you realize some nice recommendations on however you’ll save your skin and hair from the harmful effects of artificial Holi colors.

Quick tips to guard your hair from artificial colours

To avoid your hair from being kinky, unmanaged, and boring when taking part in Holi, simply follow the following pointers.

Massage the whole length of your hair with coconut, olive or any oil that suits your hair. Oil can produce a protecting layering on your hair against artificial Holi colors and mud.
cowl your hair with a cap to stay them safe against harmful colors.
take away your hair properly with a gentle shampoo and a decent conditioner.
you’ll form up for the harm by applying a natural hair pack.
you’ll create your own hair pack by combining henna powder, juice and curd. Apply it on hair associate degreed wash when an hour.

Quick tips to guard your skin from artificial colours

Apply a layer of body care oil on your face, arms, legs, and then on to stay it protected against chemicals.
Wear full length garments that cowl the utmost a part of your skin.
Apply a water-proof ointment that suits your skin tone.
Apply a layer of ointment on your lips.
Apply a clear nail varnish to avoid wasting your nails from obtaining coloured with harsh Holi colors.
don’t use laborious soaps to get rid of Holi colors off your skin.

Quick home remedies to get rid of harsh artificial Holi colors

create a restorative with one spoon of masoor dkl, one spoon of flour, perfume and a pinch of turmeric. Apply it on your face and let it dry for 15-20 minutes and wash it off with water.
Apply a restorative of leguminous plant bean flour or besan with milk. Add a bit ocean salt, glycerine, and a number of drops of aroma oil. Apply this restorative to clean off Holi colors.
merely wash your face with heat water and so apply burn plant and lemon to urge off the colour.
do not scrub your face gratingly with water and forever wash it when applying a bit quantity of oil on the skin. this can facilitate in removing the colour simply and can conjointly cause you to get eliminate itching and condition.

So this Holi, keep all the higher than tips in mind and splash colours with none concern. wish you all a secure and fun-filled Holi.